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Contact To Schedule A Consultation

This is supposed to be an exciting event... not stressful, overly time consuming, and certainly not a process that takes away any of that excitement when it becomes a finished product.

The process is made easy...

  • Consultation:
    1. explain your web site goals (for example: to solely provide information, generate leads from search engine traffic, to sell product or services online, etc.).
    2. explain the details of your business. The more specifications that are shared, the easier it will be to generate ideas for your site that will make it unique to you and your purpose.
    3. share and generate ideas to implement into your web site.
    4. discuss available content to use (text, images, brochures, etc.).
  • Gather and Submit Web Site Content
    You may need or want to take new pictures to use, have specific text to use when describing your information, products, or services, and anything else that you can think of to help achieve the web site you desire. A list of content to gather may have been generated during consultation.
  • Publish Web Site
    You'll be contacted regularly to monitor (if you choose to) the progress of the web site and approve pages as they are completed. Depending on the complexity of your web site, once your content is received, the timeline is between 1 and 3 weeks for completion.
Receive 50% Off your Web Site Design Project when bundled with Web Site Management! CLICK HERE for more informationAlthough each web site project may be different, general pricing for
a custom web site design from start to finish is as follows:
  • HOME PAGE: $280.00
    8 hours dedicated
    Up to 2 Mock-Ups with 2 revisions
    Convert to HTML
  • STATIC PAGE: $105.00 / each
    informational page without any dynamic data or programming; text and images only
    3 hours dedicated
  • E-MAIL FORM PAGE: $140.00 / each
    a form on your page that allows your visitors to submit information straight to your e-mail
    4 hours dedicated
* pricing does not include cost of web site domain or web site hosting
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