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There are hundreds of solutions available to meet any kind of online business needs. The best solution, however, may take time and trial and error to discover. Perhaps your online business starts small and gets bigger, or maybe you are not really sure about all of the extras and tools that may or may not help increase your sales and productivity. Cost also plays a large role in deciding what is best for your online business.

The following are two sample (and preferred) online business solutions:

    PayPal Shopping CartPayPal is perfect for 1 - 100 products or services offered. There isn't a monthly fee associated with using the cart features. It's generally easy to customize
    (for non-complex products). Each shopping cart item is individually coded into the web page. PayPal also offers its payment gateway for you to accept credit cards or e-checks.

    Pinnacle Cart Shopping CartThis is the ideal solution for a more complex online shopping cart. Best used
    for over 100+ products. It uses an online administrative area to manage all of the products, sales, pricing, photos, etc. The costs associated with using this cart are not ridiculously unmanageable for what you get out of it. The downfall (as with most other cart solutions), is that it is not extremely simple to customize the storefront, the products, etc. and would require a more technologically savvy administrator.
Each Shopping Cart Setup is unique to your individual needs. Please contact me to discuss your needs and what solution will be the best for your web site.
    available with a Web Design Project, Web Site Management, or at Hourly Rate of $45.00 / hour
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